Boat Journal

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Month: January 2009

Holes in the Boat

Reading the title, I assume you think I’m talking about the leaks I have. And, since this baby is 34 years old, those do happen. But I’m talking about the holes I’ve (avoiding) putting in her.

Everyone customizes their boat. After so many years, there’s been alot of it done: there’s a new head, the interior is yellow, the salon has velcroed pillows to create a ‘couch’. And I’m starting to do a bit myself.

First big project is installing a stereo system. I love music – all kinds. So it seems a natural to put a simple system on the boat. I purchased a Sony car stereo that West Marine sold with indoor/outdoor speakers, and I bought two bookcase speakers to add to the mix.

So, what I want to do is hang the stereo beside the CB radio just aft starboard of the galley. I put the two bookcase speakers in my galley shelves, and I want to install the indoor/outdoor speakers on the lower forward (under the seats) of the cockpit. One side isn’t too bad. There’s an old piece of plexiglass that isn’t to watertight that was installed, I’m guessing, to cover the hole where the original engine instruments were. So I’ll get a new piece of plexiglass, cut a hole in the middle to fit the speaker, and mount it. No problem!

The problem is the other side. That will involve cutting a hole in the fiberglass. No big deal, right?

Well, I just keep thinking, what if the next owner doesn’t want a hole on that side of the boat? Not that I’m thinking of selling this thing any time in the near future. But, well, what if?

I have arguments with my husband every time we paint the house. He keeps picking neutral colors. I say they make the place look like we’re renting. So I paint the bedrooms vibrant colors. So what if we have to paint over it if and when we ever sell?

Well, this is a bit different. This is, like permanent. Yes, you can repair fiberglass. But that will be an awfully big repair, if it’s ever needed.

Like the mount on the back of the boat. Earlier, I’m sure, I mentioned about the outboard I sold. The mount for it is still there; it was put on with some 3M product that ensures it will be there until I’m willing to pay for an awfully big fiberglass repair, since it’s not going to be easy to remove.

And I keep thinking I’m doing the same sort of thing by putting a speaker hole in the cockpit.

Wish me luck! Or talk me out of it! I’m planning on doing it as part of the winter repairs.