Boat Journal

Chronicling a love affair with sailing

Month: July 2009


So it’s finally happened. I’ve become comfortable with the weather extremes on a sailboat. I think it was this last trip to and from Cock Island that did it. Sailing through a storm, when we could barely see the flashes on the buoys, gave me the courage to know that I could survive just about any extreme.

I decided what it was. I felt in control. I had taken care of the sails. I had them where I wanted them. And I wasn’t worrying about having too much up.

Second part of the comfort level has been having Dew coach me during the races. He’s been awesome, being there to take over if I felt uncomfortable. It’s allowed me to see what my boat is capable of without being panicked that I was the only one onboard that knew what to do, which I felt I really didn’t.

Will anything else happen to scare the bejezuz out of me? I’m sure. But I feel more confident that I can hand whatever I find myself in.