Boat Journal

Chronicling a love affair with sailing

Month: February 2011

Spring Fever

I have been in the doldrums for the past several months. Well, not literally, but figuratively. I couldn’t figure out why. I had plenty of projects to pique my interest, enough ‘fun’ books to read. Then the weather started warming up and I started making the list of what I wanted to accomplish before spring. All the suddent, my mood improved, there was a spring in my step again and the world looked like a more cheery place!

Hmm…. not addicted to sailing, am I?

So, what’s on the list? Let’s see:

  • Replace the handholds, both of which decided to crack after I started cleaning and oiling them. I wonder, if I’d left them alone, if they still would have cracked.
  • Replace the wood in the galley that started splitting from all the water gushing in from the hole on the deck
  • Paint topside and deck, repairing any more holes as I do
  • Replace the outboard with an inboard electric engine
  • Step the mast and install the antenna for the new satellite radio. Put the FM antenna up there while they’re at it (will have the marina do that for me)
  • Have the rigging checked while the mast is down
  • Get a new jib
  • Replace the knotmeter

Well, we’ll see how the budget holds out. I’m going to try to be smart about the budget.  Well, I’m gonna try! 🙂

I did finally finish the repair to the deck hardware for the pump out. It required more epoxy for the soft spot, and an interminable wait for the stuff to harden. The directions say to not use when the temperature is less than 50 degrees. So I had to wait awhile for a few days where the high was at least in the 50’s. Then I figured I’d better wait another long while for it to set up.

I picked up some cork gasket material at the auto supply place and cut it to fit under the fitting. I’m trying my darndest to make sure no more moisture gets through this thing.